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Scientific programme


The EXRS 2006 international conference will be the twelfth in a series of biennial conferences which bring together scientists from the various research fields of X-ray spectrometry, using photon beams, electrons or other energetic particles. Users and experts involved in fundamental and applied research, and/or in methodological and instrumental developments will find this conference an excellent opportunity to present or assess state-of-the-art results or procedures, as well as to establish or renew direct contacts with colleagues during the social program or at the industrial exhibitors’ stands.
The last two conferences were held in Berlin in 2002 and Alghero in 2004.


The programme will consist of 12 invited lectures (30 min) from distinguished scientists, 90 oral presentations (15 min) and more than 150 posters contributions, divided among 16 sessions.

The schedule is presented hereafter.
The list of contributions with their repartition into sessions is included in the final program (updated: 8 june, 2006).
(French version/version en français du programme.)
The book of abstracts is also available.

Monday June 19 8 h 45 Welcome and opening: B. Bigot
9 h 30 P. Indelicato E. Steel
10 h 00 Session 1
Interaction of X-rays with Matter
Session 2
Microbeam techniques
11 h 00 Session 1
Interaction of X-rays with Matter
Session 2
Microbeam techniques
12 h 20 LUNCH
14 h 00 P. Walter M. Wilke
14 h 30 Session 3
Applications in Art and Archaeometry
Session 4
Earth and Environmental Science
16 h 50 POSTERS
19 h 00 Cocktail
Tuesday June 20 8 h 30 C. Perez J.J. Rehr
9 h 00

Session 5
Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation

Session 6
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
10 h 40 Session 7
Data processing
Session 6
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
12 h 00 LUNCH
13 h 30 Session 8
Applications in Life Sciences
Session 9
Applications in Materials & Nanotechnology
16 h 15  EXSA Meeting
17 h 15 POSTERS
Wednesday June 21 8 h 30 C. Streli A.G. Karydas
9 h 00 Session 10
Session 11
New instruments
10 h 20 Session 10
Session 11
New instruments
11 h 40 LUNCH
13 h 15 Departure for Versailles
  Visit to Versailles Castle
18 h 00 End of the visit
Thursday June 22 8 h 30 B. Vrebos  
9 h 00 Session 12
Session 13
X-ray Optics
10 h 20 Session 12
Session 13
X-ray Optics
12 h 10 LUNCH
14 h 00 J. dos Santos G. Faigel
14 h 30 Session 14
New Detectors
Session 15
X-Ray Imaging
16 h 10 POSTERS
19 h 00 Conference Dinner
Friday June 23 9 h 00 K. Tsuji P. Chevallier
  Session 16
Session 17 - 10 h
Pierre Chevallier honorary session
First European microprobe
10 h 50 Session 16
12 h 00 Closing session
14 h 00 Optional visits (SOLEIL - Louvre)


Biannual Award of the EXSA for Young X-Ray Spectrometrists

The European X-ray Spectrometry Association (EXSA) creates the Award for Young X-Ray Spectrometrists. The award ceremony will take place during the EXRS conference.
More information is provided in the enclosed file (updated).


The best poster award prizes at EXRS will be a selection of Wiley books up to the value of 300 euros and copies of the 'Handbook of Practical X-ray Fluorescence Analysis' recently published by Springer.


The main topics will include the following aspects of X-ray spectrometry:

Interaction of X-rays with matter
Novel X-ray sources, detectors and optics
TXRF and related techniques
Microbeam XRS techniques
XRS Instrumentation at synchrotron facilities
Grazing angle and polarized radiation XRF
X-Ray absorption (EXAFS and XANES)
X-Ray imaging
Applications of XRS in archaeometry, biomedicine, environment, geology and industry

The program will consist of invited lectures, oral presentations, poster contributions and will include an industrial exhibition.


Gyula Faigel Hungary
Paul Indelicato France
Andreas-Germanos Karydas Greece
Carlos Perez Brazil
John J. Rehr USA
Joaquim dos Santos Portugal
Eric Steel USA
Christina Streli Austria
Kouichi Tsuji Japan
Bruno Vrebos The Netherlands
Philippe Walter France
Max Wilke Germany


Burkhard Beckhoff Germany
Maria Luisa Carvalho Portugal
Roberto Cesareo Italy
Jorge E. Fernandez Italy
Yohichi Gohshi Japan
Marcelo Rubio Argentina
Eva Selin-Lindgren Sweden
Szabina Török Hungary
René Van Grieken Belgium
Peter Wobrauschek Austria


The official language of the conference is English.
For participants requiring French translations of the talks, please contact us.

Contact us:

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