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Marie-Christine Lépy*
Alexandre Simionovici**
Marie-Martine Bé*
Philippe Brun*
Philippe Cassette*
Bruno Chauvenet*
Christophe Dulieu*
Elvire Leblanc*
Jean Mittou***
Johann Plagnard*
Thierry Roll***
Malgorzata Tkatchenko***
Eric Verdeau*
Gabriele Voigt****

* CEA-LIST-LNHB : Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel
** CNRS-ENS : École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
*** CEA-LIST : Laboratoire d'Intégration des Systèmes et des Technologies
**** IAEA : International Atomic Energy Agency


EXRS 2006 Secretariat
Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel
CEA Saclay 
F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)
Fax: +33 (0)

Remark :
During the conference, the secretariat phone number will be:
+33 (0)


Second announcement and call for papers January 2006
Submission of abstracts March 11, 2006
Authors notification March 15, 2006
End of early registration May 1, 2006
Final announcement May 15, 2006

LINKS & RELATED CONFERENCES European X-ray Spectrometry Association European Physical Society Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale XXXIV International Conference on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis Denver X-ray Conference ICNMTA 2006 - 10th International Conference on Nuclear Microprobe Technology and Applications
July 9-14, 2006 - Singapore ICACS 2006 - 22nd International Conference on Atomic Collisions in Solids
July 21-26, 2006 - Berlin (Germany)
Contacts:  Prof. Dr. Peter Wobrauschek: 4th Vienna Workshop on Advanced Nuclear Analytical Techniques
September 18-23, 2006 - Vienna (Austria) SR2A 2006 - 4th international conference on synchrotron radiation in art & archaeology
September 27-29, 2006 - Berlin-Adlershof (Germany) XXV ICPEAC 2007 : XXV International Conference on Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions
July 25-31, 2007 - Freiburg (Germany)


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