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Monographie BIPM-5 - "Table of Radionuclides"

The purpose of this monograph is to present the recommended values of nuclear and decay data for a wide range of radionuclides.
Activity measurements for more than forty of these radionuclides have already been the subject of comparisons under the auspices of Section II of the CCRI.
The material for this monograph is now covered in seven volumes.
The first two volumes contain the primary recommended data relating to half-lives, decay modes, x-rays, gamma-rays, electron emissions; alpha- and beta-particle transitions and emissions, and their uncertainties for a set of sixty-eight radionuclides:
Volume 1 for those radionuclides with mass number up to and including 150, and Volume 2 for those radionuclides with mass number over 150.
Volume 3 contains the equivalent data for twenty-six additional radionuclides and re-evaluations for 125Sb and 153Sm;
Volume 4 contains the data for a further thirty-one radionuclides with re-evaluation for 226Ra;
Volume 5 includes 17 new radionuclide evaluations and 8 re-evaluations;
Volume 6 includes 21 new radionuclide evaluations and 4 re-evaluations;
Volume 7 includes 24 new radionuclide evaluations and 5 re-evaluations while the present Volume 8 includes 23 new radionuclide evaluations and 9 re-evaluations of previous data as identified in the contents page.
The data have been collated and evaluated by an international working group (Decay Data Evaluation Project) led by the LNE-LNHB.
The evaluators have agreed on the methodologies to be used and the CD-ROM included with this monograph contains the evaluators' comments for each radionuclide in addition to the data tables included in the monograph.

Link to Monographie BIPM-5 webpage (updated: January 2017)

Monographie BIPM-6 - "Thermodynamic stability of radioactivity standard solutions"

Le Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) a publié une seconde monographie internationale rédigée au LNHB (ISBN 92-822-2220-9).
Il s’agit d’un ensemble de recommandations pour préparer les solutions étalons de radioactivité dans des conditions de grande stabilité thermodynamique.
Ces solutions étalons sont destinées à l’élaboration des sources étalons.

Link to Monographie BIPM-6 (pdf file)