Presentations of the DDEP Workshop 2012, held in Paris, from 8 to 10 October


List of participants

You may find hereafter the authors' contributions:

Introductory session
- Introduction - M.-M. Bé
- Presentation of LNE/LNHB - B. Chauvenet
- DDEP Activities 2010-2012 - F.G. Kondev

International collaboration
- ENSDF Status and future plans - J.K. Tuli
- XUNDL Status and future plans - B. Singh
- IAEA's commitment to nuclear structure and decay data - V. Demetriou
- Status of international collaboration initiatives - M.-M. Bé
- BIPM presentation - G. Ratel

Atomic data
- Measurement of X-ray data at LNHB - M.-C. Lépy
- Development of a code for calculating atomic radiations - T. Kibédi

Determination of beta spectral shape
- Calculation of beta spectral shape - X. Mougeot
- Measurement of beta spectral shape - C. Bisch

Applications and measurements
- Determination of gamma-ray transition probabilities and decay branching fractions from neutron capture data - EGAF - R.B. Firestone
- Astrophysical decay data - V.P. Chechev
- Atomic Mass Evaluation 2012 - G. Audi
- Renewed interest in delayed neutron data - B. Singh

DDEP relevant software
- Software and website development at LNHB - C. Dulieu

DDEP Collaboration
- Submission and review of evaluations - M.-M. Bé

DDEP evaluation techniques
- An interactive tool for averaging numbers - B. Singh

Publication and status of evaluations
- The BIPM-5 Monographie series - M.-M. Bé
- IAEA publication of the Updated Decay Data Library for Actinides - M.A. Kellett

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